Cutting Edge Media. For All of Us.

2XB Media provides Cutting Edge Media production for local organizations and their sponsored events through 360-degree illustrations, the creative use of Google Earth, and traditional photos and videos...all of which we then combine into enhanced multi-media 2XB eXBooks to bring your story to life!

But that's not all! We also provide Video Metadata Tagging of your existing video library. This process of adding "place marks" throughout your videos adds immeasurable value to your media assets by ensuring you--and others in your organization--can find exactly what you need, when you need it.

What 2XB Media Can Do for You

Cutting Edge Media

Google Earth Flyovers, 360-degree videos & photos, Illustrated podcasts--we do it all! The result? Promotional materials that bring your audience a three-dimensional virtual experience second only to experiencing it first-hand.

2XB eXBooks

Our 2XB eXBooks take all that Cutting Edge Media and combine it into a single e-Book to create a storytelling experience like no other: photos, videos, flyovers, illustrations, and text come together to tell the story of your business, organization, or event in a way that is truly unique and memorable.

Video Metadata Tagging

Metadata Tagging exists for those who have the need to find a specific video--or even an exact moment within a video--easily and quickly. We place searchable keywords throughout your video, allowing you to find exactly what you need, on demand.

Our Mission: Tell Your Story

Every organization, including yours(!), is bursting with incredible stories of remarkable people doing remarkable things! Those stories deserve to be told and people want to know them. Fortunately, newly emerged forms of digital media are shortening the distance between participants and observers, allowing us to experience stories in ways previously unimaginable.

Since 2018, 2XB Media has worked with veteran, social, and charitable groups to make their stories more vividly accessible to all by utilizing media formats that once were cost-accessible only to large organizations. We take pride in our ability to deliver innovative, useful materials at a price-point that is within reach for smaller organizations...providing Cutting Edge Media.
For All of Us.

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