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Podcast Appearance on “Dose of Did You Know?”

I want to extend my appreciation to Danielle Rocco ( for having me on “Dose of Did You Know?,” her podcast show. It was great to talk with her about my transition experience away from active duty, and on to the next phase of civilian life. Although every vet’s service history is unique and distinctive, there are so many things that make the military a shared experience. It is probably not acknowledged as much as it should be, but Transition is one of these common denominators.  If Basic Training is intended to transform a civilian into a soldier (or airman, marine, or sailor) in short order, then Transition has exactly the opposite intent. These two bookends to a service career bring with them a time pressure to begin functioning in a new way of life. Danielle knows the drill as she is part of the DOD family. It was also great to talk a bit about 2XB Media Productions as well. Thanks Dani.

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